Why should I order from Dorr Lobster?

We are located directly on the coast of Maine, not inland. We deal directly with the fishermen because, they are part a of our family operating business. We ship our own lobsters and we don’t hire out. Family run and operated.

What is your guarantee?

All of our products are guaranteed to be delivered fresh and alive to your door. Any product not found to be alive when received should immediately be reported within 2 hours to Dorr Lobster by calling 207-546-7488. It is recommended by the Maine Lobster Promotion Council that lobsters be cooked immediately upon receipt.

We do not cover the following:
-UPS weather related delay. Please check the weather before selecting a delivery date. We do know the weather outside our door and will not ship if packages wont make it due to our weather here in Maine. We however can not watch your weather so please, if you have any questions call us to make a plan.
-Delivery problems due to customer’s address as given to us.
-We are not responsible for packages that get delayed during high-volume shipping periods (Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year).
-Lobsters that are left unattended and perish will not be covered by our guarantee. If you cannot be home to receive the shipment, please make arrangements to have them delivered to your place of work or arrange to pick them up at a UPS terminal.
-Packages left outside for any amount of time.

Why are your lobsters so fresh?

We buy our lobsters directly from our wharf located here on Bar Island. Our lobsters are caught daily and if they aren’t shipped out that day, they are kept in our straight from the ocean, salt water tank, allowing the lobsters to live in their environment with less handling prior to shipping.

What do I do with my lobsters once they arrive?

When lobsters arrive at your door, inspect the package and seafood to make sure there is no damage to any of the products. Once you have inspected the package, then use the proper storing method suggested. DO NOT SUBMERGE IN FRESH WATER OR SURROUND WITH ICE CUBES! Fresh water kills lobsters. If not intending to use within several hours, place a cool damp paper towel over the lobsters, so the lobsters will remain cool to prolong their life expectancy. If ordering lobsters to arrive a day early for a special occasion or meal, I would highly recommend placing the lobsters in the refrigerator to keep them cold and in a controlled environment to preserve the freshness state before being prepared. Again, cover lobsters with damp towel. Lobsters will keep best at a 40 degree temperature.

Why are your lobsters less expensive than others?

Since we are family owned and operated, we buy directly from our fisherman at our wharf. Your lobster will come directly from the ocean to you with less handling and traveling. This method helps keep lobsters lively and flavorful.

What do I do if I receive a dead lobsters?

If you have received a dead lobster when your package is delivered, please call Dorr Lobster as soon as possible. Dorr Lobster has the right to ask for a picture of damaged goods to proceed with the return. Please don’t throw away the package before you have talked with someone at Dorr Lobster or without taking a picture of the damaged goods. Taking a picture for claim reasons will speed up the process of refunds. Thank you for co-operating with this process.

Do you ship only hard shell lobsters?

Yes, we only ship hard shell lobsters. Unlike other sights that claim they ship firm shell/hard shell lobsters, we at Dorr Lobster only select the best quality lobsters to ship to you. Having our own boats and storage facility enables us to have a large selection on hand. Only the best quality lobster is used for shipping.

Do you offer discounts or coupons?

Yes, we do offer discounts and coupons from time to time to our regular customers and fans. You can sign up for our emails to receive updates on what is going on at Dorr Lobster plus the discounts or coupons we are offering each month.

How do you package and ship your lobsters?

Mentioned in our shipping category, we only use a Styrofoam containers that are designed to keep the product cool until it arrives at it’s destination. In the package, along with the product, we use reusable gel packs that keep the product cool in shipment. Our boxes are designed to hold as small a quantity as 1 lobster to 50 lobsters. Larger orders or wholesale orders may possibly receive multiple packages.

How do I know if a weak lobster is OK to eat?

If you receive a lobster that has little movement it is still OK to eat. If the lobster has arrive dead we recommend cooking the lobster in a separate pot to see if it is edible. If cooking a dead lobster you want to check the meat after you have cooked the lobster. Once cooked check the tail meat to see if the texture is firm and like the other lobsters that you have cooked. If the meat has a mealy consistency, Dorr Lobster Co., Inc recommends that you do not consume this lobster.

Why do your lobsters taste sweeter than others?

Here at Dorr Lobster we pride ourselves on our quality. Our lobsters are caught daily, directly from the cold Atlantic water in Downeast Maine. Once lobsters arrive from our boats, they are brought to our packing facility. They are then placed in our ocean water storage tank that circulates the fresh, 38 degree salt water and which better prepares them for shipment. Unlike other lobster companies, we are directly on the coast of Maine and our ocean water is in a constant circulation motion cycle. Other companies create artificial sea water to be used as their salt water living environment for their lobsters. After being in artificial salt water tanks, lobsters will lose their freshness taste.

How do I properly cook a lobster?

Cooking lobster can be found in our