About Us

The Freshest Maine Lobster from Our Family to Yours

Since 1977, Dorr Lobster Company has been catching fresh Maine lobster from the clean, cold waters of the north Atlantic. The family owned business began with a single fisherman and has expanded to include a state-of-the-art cold water seasoning and packaging facility in Down East Maine. Over the past 40 years our business has grown with our mission to deliver the best tasting, freshest lobster and seafood, at an affordable price, directly from the coastal waters of Down East Maine.

Working under the state of Maine’s lobster fishing regulations, we practice sustainable fishing methods to ensure conservation for generations to come. We buy directly at our family-owned wharf from local fisherman, which allows us to price our lobster reasonably and trace our lobster to where they are being caught daily.

Choose from the many sizes of live Maine lobsters. For a true taste of Maine, order from Dorr Lobster.


Quality, Guaranteed.

Our lobsters are caught fresh daily along the rocky coast of Down East Maine. To ensure the freshest quality, each Maine lobster is inspected, graded, packed in an insulated box with reusable frozen gel packs, and shipped overnight.

We promise to make buying live lobster easy and affordable and strive to deliver the freshest and most flavorful lobster you can find.  Lobsters from Maine are the best tasting because of our clean, cold Atlantic waters and our rocky coast. You can enjoy your lobster knowing it is the best tasting, freshest, and most succulent meat you can find, because it is from Maine.

The Dorr family takes pride in shipping lobsters from Maine.