Free Shipping?   At a very young age we are told nothing in life is free.  You begin to question that as you get older in life and what do you know your elders are always RIGHT.  Much like being told nothing is free, neither is shipping.  

Dorr Lobster vs. Other Seafood online shippers

Unlike some shippers on line that will say FREE SHIPPING or SHIPPING INCLUDED we are showing you the rate you will pay to get your product shipped directly to your door.  Dorr Lobster is not in the business to make money on shipping so we are handing our discounted volume rate that we get when we send volume through UPS down to our customers to get the best rate possible.  We want our customers to get the Maine experience when shopping our store online or standing in one of our local seafood shops in Maine.  You will see the same prices online that you will see in our Maine markets.  This allows us to be upfront and honest about what it will cost you as a consumer to get the product shipped to your door.  The closer you live to Maine the cheaper your shipping will be.  Competitors are including shipping in there prices and customers that live closer to Maine are paying the same rate as when someone lives in California.  This way if you are planning a trip to Maine you can keep up on market prices. By showing market prices online to will help you feel your are treated the same as if you are standing in our seafood market knowing that you are not paying hidden cost in the FREE SHIPPING or SHIPPING INCLUDED.  


Even though your shipping might look expensive make sure that you look at the total and you will see the price is better than others in the industry.  Unfortunately the way we have to ship is the most expensive way due to the perishable aspect of our seafood.  We have to ship everything UPS Next Day Air, meaning it is at your door with in 24hr for shipping date.  If you are asking yourself, Does it really cost that much?  Here is a link to UPS to show you the non-discounted rates (retail)  what you would pay if you go to a UPS Store.

If you choose to click this link and check it out.  Here is some info to fill in.

Ship From Zipcode:  04658

Weight:  10 lbs.  (Most shipment will weight this due to packaging at box size.)

Ship To:  Your desired shipping zip code.


We hope after making it this far reading all this info that you have taken a look for yourself to understand the shipping cost.  Like state earlier Dorr Lobster is not in business to make money off shipping, we want to pass our rates on to our customers to make multiple orders as they please.  Our main goal is customer service and make you feel like you are getting the best product at a fair price from a Maine family business.   We are consumers like yourself and what to treat customer how we what to be treated.  


Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself on the cost of shipping and we look forward to fulfilling your order

Chad Dorr

Dorr Lobster Co., Inc.